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Prof. Dr. Frank Bremmer

Research interest

Our research focuses on (i) vision during eye-movements and (ii) multisensory representations of spatial and motion information in the primate brain.
Given that we make eye-movements more often than our heart beats, we aim to understand if and how visual processing is modulated by eye-movements. Furthermore, we are concerned with the interplay of visual, auditory and tactile signals for the representation of space and self-motion. In our studies, we combine cell recordings and EEG in the animal model with modelling and behavioral and imaging studies in humans. In collaboration with UKGM we investigate disturbances of spatial and motion processing in neurological and psychiatric patients.

Personal Information
Name: Prof. Dr. Frank Bremmer
Institution: Philipps-Universität Marburg, Department of Neurophysics
Address: Karl-von-Frisch Str 8a, 35043 Marburg, Germany