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Prof. Dr. Katja Dörschner-Boyaci

Research interests

Research in my lab focuses on visual perception, aiming to understand the mechanisms by which the brain is able to construct a rich perceptual experience from the inherently ambiguous retinal input. Specifically, we investigate what kind of information the visual system utilizes to estimate object qualities and how this information is extracted and processed by the brain. A special focus here is on the role of image motion in conveying an object’s material properties and shape characteristics. We use a combination of methods including psychophysical experimentation, computer graphics, pattern analysis, and neuroimaging.

Personal Information
Name: Prof. Katja Dörschner-Boyaci, PhD
Institution: Justus Liebig University Giessen, Psychology Department
Address: Otto-Behagel Str. 10F, 35394 Gießen, Germany