27.06.2019 ACAciA Kickoff Meeting at the University of Marburg

Foto: Karlheinz Burk
Group picture of ACAciA kickoff meeting participants

ACAciA is an international and interdisciplinary research consortium aiming at deciphering the relevance of novel molecular pathways involving ADAM10, a shedding enzyme associated with Alzheimer’s disease pathology, and the actin regulator CAP2 in frailty, which is considered as an at-risk state caused by the accumulation of age-associated deficits. The ACAciA consortium was selected for funding by the Cariplo Foundation based in Milan, Italy, which supports the research project with a total budget of € 380.000 for three years from 2019-2022. The consortium comprises five research groups from the University of Milan (Prof. Elena Marcello, Prof. Massimiliano Ruscica), from the Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico in Milan (Prof. Dr. Paolo Rossi) and from the University of Marburg (Prof. Carsten Culmsee, Prof. Marco Rust). On the 25th and 26th of June 2019, the ACAciA kickoff meeting was held at the Biochemical-Pharmacological Center (BPC) of the University of Marburg.