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About the Communicator Prize

Each year, the CMBB awards a Communicator Prize for outstanding science communication. The prize consists of 750,00 €, which can also be shared among multiple recipients at the jury’s discretion.

The award is given to researchers who make their work and their field accessible to a broad audience in a particularly innovative and effective way and thus show special commitment to the dialogue between science and society.

Junior scientists are particularly encouraged to apply. Self-applications or nominations by members of the CMBB are possible.

Application process

To apply, applicants must submit the following information by the annual deadline of 15th April:

  • a short CV of the candidate for the award
  • a description of the contribution (max. 1 page PDF), if possible including evidence of science communication (e.g., web links, media report, excerpt from the university calendar)
  • eye-catching visual materials that could be published on the CMBB homepage and/or other media, in case the award is granted

Candidates who are not members of the CMBB must also submit a short, informal letter from a CMBB member nominating them for the award.

Please email the complete application materials to the  ()

The CMBB Board of Directors will decide who receives the award.
In selecting the award winners, the Board of Directors considers, among other things, the creativity of the contribution, the target group and its impact, as well as the conceptual framework. Care is taken to take the career stage of the candidate into consideration.
The award ceremony takes place during the annual CMBB Day, where the prize winners will also briefly present their work to a broad audience including CMBB researchers and members of the public. Prize winners are expected to attend the CMBB Day, and may be asked to help promote awareness about their award and the CMBB (e.g., via social media).

prize winners in 2023:

2023 the prize is divided in equal parts between Dr. Verena Schuster and Maximilian Broda.

prize winners in 2022:

  • Dr. Katherine Storrs (CMBB communicator prize)
  • Dr. Verena Schuster (Young Talent - prize was divided)
  • Marcel Linka (Young Talent - prize was divided)

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