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The tasks of CMBB

  1. CMBB supports interdisciplinary research projects that address questions in the field of mind, brain, and behavior.
  2. CMBB supports teaching, early career researchers, and knowledge transfer in society.
  3. CMBB encourages networking of researchers from both universities that are researching the field of mind, brain, and behavior as well as intensifying external funding activities.
  4. CMBB supports the development and expansion of international collaborations.
  5. CMBB supports translational approaches and processes that serve to transfer knowledge from basic research into applications, e.g., in medicine, medical technology, pharmaceutics, and psychotherapy.
  6. CMBB positions itself as a partner of industry in relevant research and development.
  7. In order to facilitate further research and ensure long-term quality in research data management, CMBB supports alignment with applicable standards and guidelines, especially when it comes to data provision (accessibility) and sustainable data security (long-term archiving).

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