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The CMBB is led by the Executive and Deputy Directors as well as the Board of Directors, and supported by an administrative office.

Board of Directors

Professorial members:

  • Prof. Dr. Frank Bremmer (UMR)
  • Prof. Dr. Carsten Culmsee (UMR)
  • Prof. Dr. Roland Fleming (JLU)
  • Prof. Dr. Mathias Hegele (JLU)
  • Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwarting (UMR)
  • Prof. Dr. Gudrun Schwarzer (JLU)

Professorial deputy members:

  • Prof. Dr. Ulrike Domahs (UMR)
  • Prof. Dr. Christiane Herden (JLU)
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Jansen (UMR)
  • Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller (JLU)
  • Prof. Dr. Rudolf Stark (JLU)
  • Prof. Dr. Lars Timmermann (UMR)

Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Roland Fleming (JLU)

Deputy Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Carsten Culmsee (UMR)

Application for Membership of the CMBB

  • Membership application for Researchers in Marburg and Giessen:

  • Complete and sign the Membership Application Form [NOTE: Form is in German]
  • Submit the form together with CV and Publication list to the CMBB

  • Membership application for Students: