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Prof. Dr. Henrik Bringmann

Research interests

Sleep controls virtually all physiological processes. Insomnia and sleep disorders are widespread in modern societies. All animals show sleep behavior, suggesting that this physiological state emerged early in the course of evolution. We study sleep in C. elegans, a molecularly accessible model animal. We then use the molecular knowledge about sleep control to genetically deprive C. elegans of sleep and thus to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying its cell biological and biochemical functions. Finally, we are using the molecular sleep information from C. elegans as a roadmap to also understand mammalian sleep by studying mouse models, to ultimately treat human sleep disorders, and to develop regenerative therapies.

Personal Information
Name: Prof. Dr. Henrik Bringmann
Affiliation: Philipps-Universität Marburg, Department of Biology / Animal Physiology / Neurobiology
Address: Karl von Frisch Str. 8, 35043 Marburg, Germany

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